PRACTICE Specialty “Design”

Students of the specialty “Design” are practicing:

2-nd year – pleneer (within the city);

3-rd year – pleneer (outside the city);

4-th year – production (technological) (at enterprises, firms, design bureaus);

4-th year – pre-diploma (at enterprises, firms, design bureaus).

The problem of professionalism and creative abilities development of future designers consists of a complex of difficult tasks, among which an important role is given to practice.

Tasks for students in pre-diploma practice are connected with their specialization as future professionals. Typically it is the interior design of the premises, the development of a decorative panel or accent, etc.

Designers are creative people whose learning process differs from others. To become a great designer, exept having natural talent, you need to develop it while studying in college, working hard and coping with all teachers’ tasks.

Graduating the 4th year, from May 15 to May 29, students have their pre-diploma practice. They have finished their theoretical training and before passing the exams they must get acquainted with work process of designer.

Practice plays a greatrole in the training and preparation of future designers. During their work students can deepen and expand the knowledge gained during special subjects studying. They not only learn a lot of interesting and new, but also get the invaluable experience they need after graduating from college. Moreover, the experience not only turn their design ideas, but also the ability to work in the team and with customers.

So, what students do during their design practice? First, they solve the space problems and its organization, for example, to fill this space with various interior decoration, using modular systems.

Often they are proposed to create a decorative panel for interior. Here you need a creative and friendly atmosphere, where student will feel himself warm and comfortable, will come up with ideas, and at least just realize them.